Bring Them to Me

Emma Lazarus was famous for the inscribed words on the statue of Liberty which depicts the Mother of Exiles.  It was a symbol for the melting pot opportunity.  What an incredible accomplishment her writing posed for our country.  The last two lines quote, “Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door?’  Like with God’s promise of heaven,  made for all to have a life of opportunity if we choose,  do we lean on Him as the early Americans did the Statue of Liberty’s symbol of freedom?

I’m a member of a group of moms that share stories privately with each other in hopes that we help ease the pain of those that are hurting because of a son or daughter that may be struggling with addiction. Some of the stories I’ve read just bluntly say, “Well I’ve lost my son or daughter today, or that they lost the battle to an overdose,” and it simply breaks my heart.  It breaks even more to hear very little about their faith in God.  These precious lives matter and some do get better.  Yes, they get better.  I just wonder how many could make it if we were more equipped spiritually to bring them in?   Please remember “The Addicts Mom.”  So, while praying today these words popped into my heart and head.

Bring them to me.  Bring me the hungry, the homeless, lonely, the abused, the murderers, the drug lords, thieves, the prideful, the prisoners,  the addicts, the lost, the saved.  Bring them all.  I died for every sin under the sun.  I am here.  They only need to reach for Me, hunger for Me and seek Me.  Just call my name.  There’s power in my name.  Demons scatter when my name is spoken.  If you only knew the power and authority you already have.  Oh, if you only knew.  You’ve been through enough and I’m big enough for anything you will ever encounter.  Time on earth is closing.  I’m gathering those for that new city where there is no shame.  Oh people, don’t you want to go to that place where you will never have to beg, hide, or be mocked, shamed, misunderstood and stepped over as if you were nothing?  Oh, I have big plans for you, my people.  I have promised that the old would pass away into the new.  Come to me, stop running.  Find rest my son, my daughter.  The promise is yours when you reach for Me.  Bring them in.

Ephesians 5:1-8


Who’s Planning Dinner?

I love holiday cooking and planning for the family to drop in.  It gives me a sense of joy and excitement that I don’t always experience with a normal meal.  Empty nesters beg to share a meal.  Well, at least that is my perspective on special meals.

Some families may not cook at all and gather at a nice restaurant to break bread.  Then others take a poll where they will meet for a meal depending on the season and how many will attend.  My whole point is to focus on how women or the cooks love to plan well and please those that surround the table.  We just want to hear that satisfying moan and groan that says it was worth the wait. Love and comfort in the eyes of the partakers during and after the meal.

How is it that we are so confident that our meal will be great or pleasing to everyone?  We really don’t know that because most of us use that southern hospitality and say, “Thank you, it was great,” therefore we never really know the real truth.  I think if it was the all-time last meal we would behave differently.  Every minute would probably be at the top of the list and more than just eating would take place like sharing sweet memories and blessing each other for the future.

Have you ever thought about the disciple’s feelings and the planning of the Passover meal?  They didn’t have a nice home to entertain in but they had Jesus tell them to go to a friend’s house to commemorate this special meal.  It wasn’t a spread like we would put out to serve, and it wasn’t Jesus’ Mother Mary planning for this last meal, but Jesus’ disciples, WOW!  I think Mary had no problem with that because in her heart she knew how miraculous Jesus’ birth was and decided to trust God the Father to lead.  I also think she knew what was about to take place and that she would soon be losing her son to this promised crucifixion.  Her heart had to be filled with anxiety and sadness.  Could you plan a meal in that state of mind?  I don’t think so.  Instead, she acted in a magnanimous nature.  She flowed with God’s plan.  His will was enough for her.

Sometimes in the everyday hustle of life, we forget who is leading us and veer off to our plans and find ourselves in a trap of despair and anxiety.  Oh God, enable me to always think first about everyone around me in all that I set out to do.  Allow me to give, even when it hurts, until I am empty of me and filled with only You.  Give me the heart of a servant like Jesus’ disciples and Mary that I might follow with the hope of witnessing comfort and love in the eyes of my family and friends.  It’s not the kind of party we have that matters, it’s how we serve the party.  Yes, sometimes we may resist the call and sometimes we go in with unabandon.  However we find ourselves serving, may it be from the heart and not just the eyes.  Oh, I so long for the next meal with family.  What about you?


A Call To Tarry

How incredible it is to think of the message of Christ and how it thrusts us into a hunger to tarry until He comes back for us.  Tarry, yes, but to stand vigilant and determined to finish strong for the kingdom.  That simply amazes me.

His word is so powerfully stirring and draws us to a daily stance that equips our fight and helps us stand tall in more places than just the sidelines. This word teaches us to identify the enemy’s deception with a bold assurance and enables us to defeat his schemes against all odds. Defeat and tarry.  That tells me that tarrying is work not just waiting.  Oh, I don’t mind saying to the enemy, “I will cut you deep,” with the word.  That’s an easy task because when we speak he flees in all directions.  “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free. My God my Savior has ransomed me.  And like a flood His mercy reigns, unending love Amazing Grace.” (Chris Tomlinson). Q

Yes, indeed he has to run for cover when we speak the holy word.  That is evidence that “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.” 1-John 4:4. With that being said, why would we not fix out gaze on heaven where we have loved ones, and witnesses waiting at the finish line.  Child of God, work hard, run steady and complete the race with one goal in view, Heaven’s gift.  It will be worth the wait.

In The Wait

It seemed like the longest hall I had ever walked.  The walls were dull grayish blocks with glass and a tile floor.   We reached the end of the hall where the door opens automatically.  My heart pounding in my chest as I hold back the tears.  I was angry, but hurt and a loss for words.  I wanted to show kindness for sure but had questions also.  So many questions.

We reached our destination which was a green cubical with a glass window and phone.  I forgot about questions when I saw his face.  I picked up the phone to speak to our first born son as he cried with shame.  Instead of asking “Why” I asked, “How are you? and What is next?”  After talking for a while and reassuring him that we loved him always, we pressed our hands on the glass to touch his as we prayed.  We said our goodbyes and walked back down that long hall to get out of the building.  So we wait.

Have you ever been at this place before?  I was reminded of the day our son was dedicated to God and how my husband and I affirmed to protect, provide, and take care of him before God and witnesses, and how it meant more than just the infant in my arms.  The infant was easy.  The adult, not so easy.  I had a panoramic view in my mind of the moment I said, “yes,” that I would raise him in Gods house, teach him the word so he could love the Lord God with all his heart.  WOW!

I never imagined how the pain in this action could totally wipe me out.  That’s when I knew I had to stand, be still and allow God to lead.  Yeah, sure, I was in no shape to lead at this point but I realized God was in control and had been all this time.  Now I must trust Him for the outcome.  He promised so I trusted and waited.  As Denzel Washington has said, “When you pray for rain, you have to deal with the mud.”  You think you’ve sought God in the fullest, and then there is a waiting period.

Brokenness is for a season.  Life can’t always be broken, it changes, it always does.  I was aware that I had to continue to seek God with all my heart, trust Him although I could not see.  This was my waiting period and it would be alright if I kept my eyes upon Jesus. As David declares in Psalm 62:6-8 “He only is my rock and my salvation and my glory; the rock of my strength and my refuge is in God.  Trust in him at all times you people; God is a refuge for us.”  Even David realized that God was his refuge but sometimes we carry on in silence.  But don’t stop waiting. Remember, things happen when you trust and WAIT.


Welcome to my Blog

I’m starting a new chapter in my life that I’ve been dreaming of for a long time.  You will find over time some of my thoughts, fears, weaknesses, passions, and victories on this journey.  I hope you find a nugget or two that clings to your soul for a lifetime. Do you need to make an effort to wait for something to come to pass?  As you know time is priceless, so whatever the wait is, make it worthwhile.  There is the perfect time for everything. Finally, something always happens in the wait. Romans 5:4-5   Judy Ramey