Fifty-five years ago on February 7, she left five children without a mom. At the snap of a finger, their lives changed never to be the same.

I was one of those little ones that had to face change, and the part I can’t get away from is a promised birthday party on February 9th that never happened. Even then, God had me in the palm of His hands and I didn’t have a clue of how to plead for help for my bleeding heart. My soul ached.

Yes, all that is true and a part of my story, but it did not end there. Like I said, God had my back in 1964 and I was clueless, but today, I know who I am in Christ and a Birthday is the least of the things I seek on this earth in 2019. I long to lead others to Christ as their soul ache finds healing.

Look what the Lord has done. He found me when I didn’t know I was lost. He has been my mother, my counselor, my friend, my everything. In my lowest state, He has been my strength, my shelter, and my refuge. Who would have known from such a humble upbringing that one could go from not knowing, to running after God?  I am evidence that God can and will chase you down in order to lead and show you the way. His love is boundless. Just as a parent or a sweet friend that decides to surprise you in some way, God can cause your name to be randomly picked from a list to be presented a beautiful basket of birthday flowers on the day that you believed at one time didn’t matter. Only God, He is always there. WOW! Psalm 139 ❤️

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