Coming out of the drought sometimes will cause what we see to be different from what we hear.  It is usually that simple solution to the problem that we are walking all over and then we finally see it.  We missed it because we were mumbling or fretting over it all.  None the less, we must start somewhere to come out and move forward.

Celebrate the small start to your journey.  Even celebrate the hurting parts.  Hang in there and be proud of hanging in there and sustain your success.  Shout over the small stuff.  It will grow into something huge, and spectacular enough that you can’t miss it.  So, the only way to get out of the drought is to get the drought out of you.  Celebrate your storm.  Don’t run from the rain you prayed for.                                                                                             Don’t fear,  God has this. Look to Him, The Word, for a cool drink of water.

Isaiah 43:20  – Yes, I will make rivers in the dry wasteland so my chosen people can be refreshed.


One thought on “Get The Drought Out of You

  1. “Don’t run from the rain you prayed for.” … watching the rain come down just now, this is so fitting. What a beautiful statement. His glory is often revealed after the drought, through the rain, because this is when the Holy Spirit rains down. 💗 Amen, sister!

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