It was mid-calf length with a cute round collar and buttons.  Boy, did I ever love that coat?  My mom would say “red is your color, Judy.”   She thought I was beautiful in that coat.

I remember the day my sweet Dad brought it home.  It was my first wool coat and to this day I can wear wool without any problems. I guess you are wondering what department store he bought the coat from. Well, he worked for people that had plenty and would recycle clothing by putting the discarded items at the mailbox or curbside. So,  this particular day after work he picked up the items as he did often because he had his girls in mind.

Well, you guessed it, my sweet, sweet Dad came home with arms loaded and asked me to try the red coat on. I don’t remember the other items, but that coat was mine. I didn’t have fancy accessories to wear with it, but that red coat meant the world to me.  It was priceless. My dad was always thinking of his family just as our Heavenly Father is thinking of us. God is always for us and never leaves us to do without. He is constantly drawing us near to Him.

How fortunate I am to have a Dad of such treasure. His heart’s love is priceless just as the red coat he gave.  He is my earthly father that loves his family deeply.  God’s love is priceless and is waiting for us.

Today, my treasure of a Dad met his Heavenly Father after a long life of ninety years.  He laid down to sleep in his earthly home but woke up in heaven. He is “home where the streets are golden and every chain is broken.” I can imagine him whispering to God, “oh, I wanna go, oh, I wanna go home, where every fear is gone, I’m in Your open arms where I belong, Home.” (Home, Chris Tomlin, paraphrased)

I’ll always remember that red wool coat.  That’s  just one great memory I have of my selfless dad.  He is home. Until we meet again, my sweet daddy.  ❤️

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