“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  Jeremiah 29:13

You know the story where King Uzziah was so blessed and highly favored of God, right?  2 Chronicles 26:5 reveals that Uzziah continued to seek God during Zechariah’s days of encouragement and was greatly blessed as long as he did so.  Well,  as you can see, his success didn’t just happen but came because of an encourager who inspired the king to seek God throughout his reign.  Who wouldn’t want someone in their life to push them to truly seek with their whole heart?

If we ever needed help and encouraging it is now.  Zechariah is a good example of a spiritually minded friend that we all can use.  From my own experience, I have found myself holding on to my pain instead of sharing with a prayerful friend in Christ.  Yes, indeed, I have needed a Zechariah in my life.  I remember hearing an old friend pour out her heart by shouting a call out to the prodigals to come home.  The moment I heard her shout, she had my undivided attention because I could identify with the prodigal child.  In the past I had heard the hearts of judgemental Christians, I had rubbed shoulders with cold-hearted Christians, and had Christians tell me to turn my back and walk away from my prodigal.  The list could go on.  Because of these responses, I began to keep silent, pray silently, cry silently, and feel alone.

That day I heard my friend praying, “prodigal, come home,” and as she continued the appeal by quoting 2-Cor. 5:18-21, my heart began to swell with the anointing to pray for my prodigal whom I had been praying and grieving over for nineteen years.  Nineteen years is a long time but that’s what happens when you stay silent or feel that you have to. Yes, everyone knew my story but,  when I tried to share and ask for prayer I was always bombarded with questions and whys instead of a prayer on the spot. This girl’s prayer pushed me to pray out like I had never before.  In 2-Cor 5 Christ is giving us the task to rescue, not to be angry at the actions and behavior of our prodigals.  We are ambassadors for Christ and have the power in us to speak the word over our children until they look like the word, talk like the word and walk like the word.  Whether they are in the will of God or a prodigal we still have the power in us to pray over them.  His appeal to us is to go get them.  This prayer shook me in my tracks.  We all need that one encourager from time to time.  The key is to continue seeking God and do it with all our heart.  I knew in order for me to continue seeking, I would have to fix my eyes on Him and not my pain.  Seek – Him – with – your – whole – heart.  Do you need a Zechariah in your life?

As long as Uzziah’s eyes were fixed on God he prospered.  Why would he ever want to change his blessed life?  That’s exactly what happened, he began to get relaxed and comfortable in his blessings, and little by little slipped into an ideology state of mind. Zechariah’s wisdom and encouragement were no longer enough.  Uzziah slowly started losing control, lost possessions, lost his reign, and integrity.  He ended up with leprosy and when he died, instead of many accolades, all that was spoken over Uzziah was, “he had leprosy.”  Like we do so many times, we make a plan and we think that we have all the answers.  Uzziah was so blinded by his idol worship that he couldn’t see what was ahead.  God had a plan when He told us to seek Him and do it with our whole heart.  He meant it for our good.  No, No, my friend, God just smiles when we try to take control and allows us to continue until we have learned to stop worshiping our idols.

Because of this great bible story, I have been reminded of how big God is and how he knows everything about me.  He knows who to send by to encourage me, and He knows who I should encourage.  Most of all, I have learned that I should never get trapped in my hurt, my trials or my tears, but run with all my might to the throne with my petitions. I know that being trapped in my “stuff” will only lead to some type of leprosy.  We don’t have to choose leprosy, or whatever takes us out.   I have been encouraged to continue to seek with my whole heart and trust God’s plan.


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