Today I’m sharing a sweet card from a teacher that I worked with a while back.  I have read this card numerous times over the years since the year 2003.   You know the kind of cards that just hang around in your Bible because they have such an impact on your heart?   My heart is warmed every time I read it, not for the content in the card, but for the heart from which it comes.  Today I say thank you for always reaching outward to touch others.  You have touched me for a lifetime.  Thank you, Donna Taylor.

Dear Judy,

Just a note to let you know I am praying for you and your precious son.  How hard it must be for your son to face these days of recovery again, and yet how precious it is that he has these days.  I can only begin to imagine his discouragement.  But even without knowing him, I know that he is truly adored by our Father.  While the enemy would want him to think otherwise, just as with Job, the Lord’s face is turned fully towards your dear son.  The Lord is not letting go of him.  I will continue to pray that he will look to the love of the Father above and daily turn from the lies that the enemy is most certainly pouring on him.

Though through the world’s eyes it may not look as though God is watching over all that is happening.  In God’s eyes is the reflection of your sweet boy.  “What the world may see as weeds to be destroyed and cast aside, we, his children see as wildflowers from heaven.

Much Love to you,

Donna Taylor

I received this after a second car accident my son was involved in after his spinal cord injury.  How timely and precious to me.Matt. 13: 28-29, jar

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