The moment I acknowledge helplessness, the Lord becomes actively engaged in my crying needs.   “He stoops down to hear me.  Our helplessness is one continuous appeal to His Father-heart.”  Halleby

Our helplessness is the foundation and the sustaining power of our prayer life.  John15:15, Jesus says, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”  Take Him at His word.  Sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn.  This knowledge puts us in a position to be helped.

Nothing can overtake us when we know where our help comes from.  (Psalm 121). We must not lose consciousness of our helplessness.  As we cry out helplessly lamenting to the Father, we are humbling our hearts in faith that leads us to believe His word.  Our faith causes us to see our need, turn to God, leave it to Him, and know He is in control.  He will help our unbelief and convince us to leave everything with Him.   We are helpless without Him.

That leads me to believe that we must take Him at His word and hang on.  I  feel that we as Christians would not suffer as we do if we could just take God at His word.   Think of a big winding roller coaster that we would jump on when we were youngsters and how we trusted it to stay on the track while moving at a high speed.  Remember throwing your hands up in surrender and screaming as you coasted to the end of the track and finally getting to the end laughing with relief?  We trusted the person in control and took him at his word that we would make it to the finish line.  We can trust even more so with God.  Faith-filled helplessness is just that; taking God at His word while acknowledging we are helpless without Him.  He is big enough for anything we will ever face in life.


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