When did it set in that fatherhood was evident and that he had an unknown task before him?  Did he have someone modeling the roles of a father to help him get ready, or did he have it all together naturally?  I wonder if he thought about me before I was born?  Well, I don’t know those answers, but I do know that he is my dad and God planned our lives before we knew anything at all.

Psalm 139 declares that He knew my dad from the beginning and was with him when he was such a young child walking to school every day and carrying a pail for a lunch box.  He was with my Dad when he had to drop out of school in fourth grade to work on the farm. All of this seems somewhat harsh, but I guess it built character and great work ethics for the future.  My dad has never complained about his humble upbringing.

Great work ethics is something he gained for sure from his childhood.  He has worked all of his life and still working little jobs that satisfy him.  He married my mom when she was seventeen and he was twenty-two years old.  My Dad always had a goal in mind and was constantly working to succeed.  He and my mom had three girls and two boys putting me in the middle of a boy and girl.  I don’t know how my siblings felt but I often wondered if he thought of me.

I would think so because it was snowing early that Tuesday morning when mom went into labor.  While driving to the hospital they ran out of gas, wouldn’t you know it.  So, he got out of the car, left mom on the side of the road and ran to the gas station which was over two miles and then back. WOW!  He made it to the hospital that morning but I waited until eight o’clock p.m. to make my entrance.  I love to hear him tell that story.  That’s enough for me to know that he was looking ahead and was ready for baby number three.

My Dad gave me the name Judy Ann Carter.  I will always cherish that gift.  I see my dad as an extension of my Heavenly Father.  He is kind, tender, strong, loving and giving at all times.  Psalm 103:13 says,  “A father is tender and kind to his children.”  In a few days, he will be ninety years young.  He has been constant through the years and like some will say, set in his ways.  It just proves that what’s in his heart is solid.  He’s unshakable.   I can’t put a price on the riches in my heart that he has bestowed on me throughout the years.  He provided a wealth of love, honesty, and everything I ever needed.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  “You’re a good, good father,  it’s who you are, it’s who you are, it’s who you are,  and I’m loved by you,  it’s who I am,  it’s who I am, it’s who I am.  You’re a good, good father.” (Chris Tomlin)


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