“Good morning students.  How are you today?” With big smiles on most of the responding faces said it all.  But one response was a stern face and no comment at all.  O-kay, instantly the day is set for the whole class.  The sour look did not match his sweet face but was not the first time we had to redirect our thoughts about the daily plans for him.

Morning routines are in progress all over the classroom except for one sitting with his arms crossed refusing to move.  Mind you, this is a fourth grader and he knows better.  He finally asks to leave the room for the restroom and water, the reciprocative response was, “finish your morning work and we will talk.”  With arms crossed and lips poked out still refusing to cooperate.  The whole day was nonproductive for this one student as he tried to get the attention of the other students to follow him.  He totally refused to ask for help in all the tasks the class was engaged in.

So the day is about over with a short recess left before the bell rings.  All the students are playing, sliding, swinging, running and doing what students do on the playground.  It was awesome and felt food to see smiles and students playing together.  Of course, it was hot and students screaming with laughter when all of a sudden we heard this curling voice screaming, “Help, Help, Mrs. R, help”  He is crying and couldn’t move.  Needless to say, it was our student that had not been cooperative during class and had not answered the teachers positively at all during the day.  His wrist is stuck in the jungle gym and beginning to swell because he was moving it back and forth.  Staying still is key but he was moving nonstop.   At this point, I called the front office nurse and gave a description of what had happened and was able to get him to stop moving and kept him calm.

I thought it was ironic that he had to call for help after being a sourpuss all day.  He realized that I was his friend and that I would not let anything happen to him from this point on.  He was calm and relaxed as I removed his arm with no problem and then the nurse comes out.  All is well and we are smiling with relief.   We call the students to line up and go back to class before the bus call.  WOW, what a day!  Yes, it was a little chaotic but I think a lesson was well learned.  He had to ask for help and he learned something he knew all along.  Teachers care no matter what.  Needless to say, after the students left we had a big laugh, not because of the accident but because we didn’t have to reprimand the student.  I am sure he remembers that day even though it was many, many years ago.   Like families, a classroom of students are together all the time and need to stay close and trust each other.  Ugh, imagine that.


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