Emma Lazarus was famous for the inscribed words on the statue of Liberty which depicts the Mother of Exiles.  It was a symbol for the melting pot opportunity.  What an incredible accomplishment her writing posed for our country.  The last two lines quote, “Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door?’  Like with God’s promise of heaven,  made for all to have a life of opportunity if we choose,  do we lean on Him as the early Americans did the Statue of Liberty’s symbol of freedom?

I’m a member of a group of moms that share stories privately with each other in hopes that we help ease the pain of those that are hurting because of a son or daughter that may be struggling with addiction. Some of the stories I’ve read just bluntly say, “Well I’ve lost my son or daughter today, or that they lost the battle to an overdose,” and it simply breaks my heart.  It breaks even more to hear very little about their faith in God.  These precious lives matter and some do get better.  Yes, they get better.  I just wonder how many could make it if we were more equipped spiritually to bring them in?   Please remember “The Addicts Mom.”  So, while praying today these words popped into my heart and head.

Bring them to me.  Bring me the hungry, the homeless, lonely, the abused, the murderers, the drug lords, thieves, the prideful, the prisoners,  the addicts, the lost, the saved.  Bring them all.  I died for every sin under the sun.  I am here.  They only need to reach for Me, hunger for Me and seek Me.  Just call my name.  There’s power in my name.  Demons scatter when my name is spoken.  If you only knew the power and authority you already have.  Oh, if you only knew.  You’ve been through enough and I’m big enough for anything you will ever encounter.  Time on earth is closing.  I’m gathering those for that new city where there is no shame.  Oh people, don’t you want to go to that place where you will never have to beg, hide, or be mocked, shamed, misunderstood and stepped over as if you were nothing?  Oh, I have big plans for you, my people.  I have promised that the old would pass away into the new.  Come to me, stop running.  Find rest my son, my daughter.  The promise is yours when you reach for Me.  Bring them in.

Ephesians 5:1-8


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