I love holiday cooking and planning for the family to drop in.  It gives me a sense of joy and excitement that I don’t always experience with a normal meal.  Empty nesters beg to share a meal.  Well, at least that is my perspective on special meals.

Some families may not cook at all and gather at a nice restaurant to break bread.  Then others take a poll where they will meet for a meal depending on the season and how many will attend.  My whole point is to focus on how women or the cooks love to plan well and please those that surround the table.  We just want to hear that satisfying moan and groan that says it was worth the wait. Love and comfort in the eyes of the partakers during and after the meal.

How is it that we are so confident that our meal will be great or pleasing to everyone?  We really don’t know that because most of us use that southern hospitality and say, “Thank you, it was great,” therefore we never really know the real truth.  I think if it was the all-time last meal we would behave differently.  Every minute would probably be at the top of the list and more than just eating would take place like sharing sweet memories and blessing each other for the future.

Have you ever thought about the disciple’s feelings and the planning of the Passover meal?  They didn’t have a nice home to entertain in but they had Jesus tell them to go to a friend’s house to commemorate this special meal.  It wasn’t a spread like we would put out to serve, and it wasn’t Jesus’ Mother Mary planning for this last meal, but Jesus’ disciples, WOW!  I think Mary had no problem with that because in her heart she knew how miraculous Jesus’ birth was and decided to trust God the Father to lead.  I also think she knew what was about to take place and that she would soon be losing her son to this promised crucifixion.  Her heart had to be filled with anxiety and sadness.  Could you plan a meal in that state of mind?  I don’t think so.  Instead, she acted in a magnanimous nature.  She flowed with God’s plan.  His will was enough for her.

Sometimes in the everyday hustle of life, we forget who is leading us and veer off to our plans and find ourselves in a trap of despair and anxiety.  Oh God, enable me to always think first about everyone around me in all that I set out to do.  Allow me to give, even when it hurts, until I am empty of me and filled with only You.  Give me the heart of a servant like Jesus’ disciples and Mary that I might follow with the hope of witnessing comfort and love in the eyes of my family and friends.  It’s not the kind of party we have that matters, it’s how we serve the party.  Yes, sometimes we may resist the call and sometimes we go in with unabandon.  However we find ourselves serving, may it be from the heart and not just the eyes.  Oh, I so long for the next meal with family.  What about you?


2 thoughts on “Who’s Planning Dinner?

  1. Thank you for reminding me of that blessed Last Supper scene. I’ve often pondered their actions, thoughts and feelings…especially Mary’s.
    As I continued to read your article I thought about your statement, “Oh God, enable me to always think first about everyone around me in all I set out to do.” May that be my prayer as well…and to be in the moment.


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